Our main policy in Paper is to produce all our products in recyclable paper . Is trough this that we can help your company to reduce their environment impact.

We are glad to help you promote your business as an organisation with a commitment with the planet

Paper Recycling 

The process is really easy . All paper and cardboard is grounded and rebuild into paper , all this process without causing any impact to the environment.

¿Why recycling? Because we are worried about our planet.

We all know  the problem that all the garbage of big cities produce. Plastic bags, tergopol containers and plastic bottles are the main contributors to this situation. All this materials are known for their low capability to biodegrade. Thousand tons of this kind of materials are buried every day around the globe

Paper and cardboard containers are the best way tho solve this problem, all of them are able to biodegrade and to be recycled as well.

Waste treatment 

In our plant all our process has been developed to reduce dangerous waste. We have a plan for the treatment of each waste that need it.


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